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Pole Series

At Flight Fitness Studio©, we strive to customize the perfect plan for each of our students. Each individual has unique goals, which we embrace. We consider Pole to consist of fitness, dance, and art including sensual movement. Each 8-week series will include elements of each in the Beginner (incl. Novice), Intermediate, and Advanced levels. All Series incorporate both static pole and spin pole.

Our levels are based upon skill level not the number of series taken, therefore, levels are often repeated especially in the Intermediate and Advanced levels. There is an abundance of content to be learned and practiced that requires more than 8 weeks per level. Please see below for the skills both required and learned in each level. Classes of 4-7 students are 75 minutes, and classes of 8-12 students are 90 minutes.

8 weekly classes / 70-85 minutes per class

$260 per series


Levels I, II, III

Everyone's Pole journey begins with the basics. (Novice is a sub-category of beginner denoting an appropriate level for newbies without experience.) Beginner levels focus on spins, transitions, floorwork, and dance. Inverting preps start from day one as simpler exercises to work the upper body and core, such as pole-ups. As you progress from Beginner Pole I to II, climbing, sits, and basic holds from the floor are introduced. Please bring shorts to class. Level III will introduce you to inversions that begin on the floor and start to progress to preps for pole inversions.

Beginner levels have a larger focus on the dance foundations than do our Intermediate and Advanced levels.

All beginner levels may be repeated by choice or until ready for Intermediate Pole.


Levels IV, V, & VI

Intermediate begins with a solid understanding of and confidence in basic pole inverts, both descending inverts such as laybacks as well as hips-over-head inverts such as the basic invert and crucifix. Progressing through the series means gaining more comfort while upside down and practicing leg hangs. Upright aerial pole poses and holds are also introduced as well as a continuation of more complex spins and climbs.

Once comfortable consistently inverting safely without a spot, new ways to invert, such as chopper and apprentice, and more difficult inverted holds, such as butterfly and allegra, will be the focus. Clean leg hang and torso switches are further examples of combos learned. There is still a continuation of upright aerial poses and spin combos as well as new ways to climb.

Taking inverts one step further, shouldermount, aerial inverts, and iguana mounts are introduced. More difficult aerial poses and repel type inverts, such as extended butterfly and D, are the focus to prep for two points of contact inverted tricks. A continuation of unique combos and transitions as well as reverse climbing will help to prep for the next level.

All Intermediate Pole series may be repeated by choice or until ready for Advanced Pole.


Levels VII & VIII


Once comfortable holding repel-type inverts, two points of contact inverted poses and combos will be the focus of Advanced Pole. Examples include ayesha, straight edge, jackknife, and fang. First introduced as a transition from an inverted repel pose as well as from the floor from different variations of handsprings and deadlifts, movement towards aerial deadlifts into these holds is the goal. More flexibility-based and/or power-based tricks are also goals of Advanced.

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