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Pole Dance & Fitness Classes

Pole is unique and creative as it consists of fitness, dance, and art. Each class will include elements of each in the Beginner (incl. Novice), Intermediate, and Advanced levels. Some classes are offered as single classes while our progressive type classes require you to register for a Series of classes in order to stay accountable, on track, and constantly learning and improving. Learn more about our 8-Week Pole Series.


All Intro classes are static, and all Series classes incorporate both static pole and spin pole. Check our Schedule to see when they are offered.

Intro to Pole
Single class
60 minutes

Take this class as a teaser before beginning your Pole Series. This class is not only great for newbies but also anyone who has taken a extended break from Pole and wishes to have a refresher. This class is optional prior to registering for your 8-Week Pole Series.

Pole Strength​
Single class or 6-week series
60 minutes
$11-20 student / $15-25 non-student

To be a pole dancer, athlete, or artist, great upper body and core strength are needed. This class will condition your body using the pole and may also incorporate floor, equipment, or partner exercises as well to prepare you for more advanced tricks. No experience necessary. All levels are welcome.

Pole Dance & Fitness
8-week series
75-90 minutes

We strive to customize the perfect plan for each of our students. We know each individual has unique goals, which we embrace. Each 8-week series is categorized as Beginner (Levels I-III), Intermediate (Levels IV-VI), or Advanced (Levels VII-VIII). Novice is a sub-category of Beginner denoting an appropriate level for newbies without experience. Our levels are based upon skill level not the number of series taken, therefore, levels are often repeated especially in the Intermediate and Advanced levels.

Pole Flow​
Single class or 6-week series
60 minutes
$11-20 student / $15-25 non-student

This class will incorporate both choreography as well as freestyle dancing. You will learn how to break out of your shell while blending moves together into sequences. No class is like another as each week brings upon a new routine or theme. Pole experience highly encouraged as we will use guided prompts to get your creatively flowing, but both beginners and experienced pole dancers are welcome.

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