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Hear what our students have to say!

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Flight Fitness Studio is the best! My mom and I started taking pole classes with Michelle, and she's amazing! It's a great workout - we are both personal trainers and very fit people - but it makes us crazy sore every time! Molly's flexibility classes are awesome too! So happy they opened up right down the street from us.

  • Natasha R, Palatine

I'm so glad I came out. I was used to getting only 20-30 of pole time at a previous studio, and I'm learning so much more now. Molly is great!

  • Misty L, McHenry


I visited Flight Fitness Studio today for the Grand Opening and had an awesome time!!! I learned new pole tricks, hula hoop moves, and met some really nice people. What a great environment to learn such unique dance forms. I can't wait to try aerial sometime.

  • Stephanie, Chicago


Molly gives me a great workout; my arms are so sore the next day.

  • Paula A, McHenry

Love it and Michelle! Very comfortable and accepting environment, no matter what your fitness level is...this is a fun and great way to get in shape. Come fly with us!

  • Chanelle W, Wheeling

Thank you for opening your amazing studio and being our teacher!

  • Natasha, Palatine

What an adrenaline rush the showcase was. Everyone killed it. Happy to be part of the Flight family!

  • Mona R, Palatine

Your performance at the showcase makes me want to sign up for pole now! So pretty.

  • Jamie K, Elgin

Performing in the showcase helped me get out of my shell, and I'm now a proud Pole Newbie award winner.

  • Nancy L, Palatine

I'm so glad I found your wonderful studio! These classes are so much fun! Jenn's a wonderful teacher.

  • Mary H, Hoffman Estates

I had a lot of fun at the showcase, and thank you for everything you did to make it happen!

  • Kelli D , Buffalo Grove

It was so much fun performing, and congrats to a show well done!

  • Darrilyn M, Arlington Heights

Thank you for creating such a warm and inviting atmosphere at your studio. It really inspires me.

  • Laura S, Palatine

The best teacher ever! Thank you, Jennifer! You are awesome!

  • Kasia Z, Wheeling

Michelle truly wants you to learn and have fun. Classes are empowering and as painful as they can be, they are worth it. I am hooked!

  • Brittney, Wheeling


It's something fun and different to try!

  • Saydie A, Palatine

What an amazing workout it's been, and I've never felt happier about exercise. Can't wait for Level 2!

(Now in Level 2)...My boyfriend just told me that my arm muscles are looking big. Yay! A yearlong gym membership, and that never happened. Three months into pole, and my shirt sleeves feel tighter. Woohoo!

  • Claire N, Elk Grove Village

We had such a blast at our bachelorette party, and our instructor, Molly, was awesome! She was so fantastic and patient with us and made sure we had a great experience!

  • Rachel W, Streamwood

I just finished the Level 1 Pole Fitness class, and I have to admit that I am super excited. I started taking classes not knowing what to expect (with my own abilities) and not really feeling too confident about myself. But yesterday's graduation session proved that I have learned so much, and I can actually do this stuff! I am so proud of the girls in my class, as well as myself. It's an amazing workout each time, and I can feel the difference it's making on my body even though I already workout very hard 6 days a week. I would recommend this to anyone and everyone. Try it! You'll fall in love with it.

  • Tudcin R, Vernon Hills

Thank you SO much for opening a studio in Palatine! We all had a blast at our Pole Party, and our instructor, Mahja, was awesome!!!

  • Bailey, Palatine

Thank you for an amazing pole studio that truly and honestly reflects the love and support of the pole community sisterhood (and Co-ed and Hoopers too)! I am beyond thankful and truly blessed to be part of it!

  • Pamela A, Wheaton

I gotta say, I love Molly. She's so encouraging and shows me some modified ways to do the positions, which is a huge help. You did great in hiring her!

  • Char S, Palatine

Michelle, you might have started a studio because you love pole. However, I doubt you knew how many people's lives you've changed for the better with your kindness, community, passion, and acceptance.

  • Sydney G, Palatine

Wow, Flex class is amazing. I loved it. Molly is such a great teacher; she nudged me into doing stretches I did not think I could. What a gifted teacher she is.

  • Mary, Hoffman Estates

I love my Hoop class. Dori is great! Excellent teacher, great hooper, and super encouraging. I feel like I've come so far in just a few classes.

  • Jordan A, Palatine

Michelle and her instructors do an incredible job of making working out fun! They are extremely friendly, knowledgeable, welcoming, and willing to help you regardless of your fitness level or experience. They offer static and spinning pole, hoop, and floor work that make fitness time fly by. I have completed Levels 1 and 2 and will continue to enroll and refer others as well. If you are curious but shy, look around the website or Facebook page to get more information. It's worth the plunge!

  • Brittney, Wheeling

I'm so excited! I just learned more in one class than I did in an entire previous session elsewhere! Thank you for all you do!

  • Maureen P, Schaumburg​

What a wonderful, unique, and fun place to get fit! From the moment you set foot in the door, you are made to feel welcomed and important and like you've just made some very special friends. I love this place a lot!!!!!

  • Mina H, Hoffman Estates

Thank you so much for a wonderful class! I will definitely reach out next time I come through town. Your studio is a special place, and I'm so happy you get to teach what you love.

  • Carey, UT

I'm always amazed how there is something new to learn every time, and it just keeps getting better! It's like there's no limits in pole. And it always looks like we defy gravity; I love it! I'm super excited for everything to come. I wish everyone knew how awesome your studio is! I'd love for others to share in the same joy I get out of class. Not to mention, you have SO many cool classes to offer, and you're an awesome instructor! I want to see Flight Fitness Studio grow.

  • Kristen W, Palatine

I was originally looking for Hoop classes to learn something new but decided to try Pole as well. I'm so happy with my decision. It's already Week 4 of the program, and I feel like I've learned so much. Michelle is an awesome teacher and is always available to answer questions. The studio is very private and makes me feel comfortable & safe. This is so important - if you feel uncomfortable in a space, you end up holding back and not giving it your all. I look forward to this class every week and can't wait to keep learning & dancing at Flight Fitness Studio!

  • Natallia P, Prospect Hts

I am so happy you opened Flight Fitness Studio!!! It keeps me going through my tough and stressful job during the week just knowing I have my escape every week at your studio! So happy you came to the burbs! Y'all have empowered me and several others with strength, beauty, and some awesome friendships, and I'm so greatful for my Flight family!

  • Lorie B, Palatine

I went to Flight Fitness Studio for a party gathering, and I must say it was fantastic. Molly is a great instructor. Thank you!

  • Netzy M, Des Plaines

Now that I moved away, I hope if I were to join a class here, the teacher is like you. When I first started looking for a studio, I looked at places all around here, and I liked your studio I liked best from the reviews. After taking classes, it was perfect! The group in our class worked together great!

  • Bailey W, Chicago

I can't say how much I enjoy class! I freaking love it, and I haven't had this feeling in a long time about something.

  • Margarita S, Schaumburg

I can't tell you how much I enjoyed last night's class, and once again I am so grateful to have found a studio out here while on holiday.

  • Dawn B, United Kingdom

Very welcoming and encouraging! The Strength class is a lot harder than I thought!

  • Jennifer, Des Plaines

The Private Lesson was great. Natallia was excellent. I am going to try to work on my hooping skills. Please tell Natallia thank you. She is a wonderful asset to your business. You both were very helpful. 

  • Sandy E, Princeton

You have an awesome place. I'll be back.  You have some amazing classes....hula hoop, Lyra, Aerial Yoga, Pole Silks, stretching classes, etc.  It's so much fun wrapped into one place!

  • Emily B, Streamwood

I tried another studio since I moved, and it only made me miss your classes! I didn't quite enjoy their class that I dropped in on. The warm up wasn't as long or intense, there were barely any mirrors, 9 students in one class was too many, there was barely any individual attention, and there was no spotting of certain moves. It was so fast paced and too short. I'm going to try out another studio and see if it's better. But I wanted to reiterate how cool your classes are as well as your teaching and that I already miss it! You've got a good thing going on at Flight Fitness Studio!

  • Kristen K, WI

I really like the class I was in and you as a teacher, so going to a new place where I moved doesn't sound fun to me to be honest. Thank you again for being an amazing teacher! You've changed my opinion on pole fitness. A lot of people now are asking me where they can sign up.

  • Bailey W, Sandwich

Lots of personal attention. Michelle is an amzing and lovely dancer, and her teaching style is thorough, encouraging, and really fun!

  • Barb G, Arlington Heights

Great Intro to Pole Class! If you have ever been interested in taking a pole class, this is for you. Not cardio focused but focuses on strength and flexibility. Instructor was very knowledgeable and friendly. Nice studio! Very fun and different workout.

  • Carrie, Palatine

Love it! Sally is a great teacher! Very patient and encouraging. Will be signing up for another 6-Week Lyra Seies.

  • Jamie K, Elgin

absolutely loved the Aerial Yoga class. I will be taking it again for sure.

  • Nadia, Palatine

Great Intro to Pole class! If you have ever been interested in taking a pole class, this is for you. Not cardio focused but focuses on strength and flexibility. Instructor was very knowledgeable and friendly. Nice studio! Very fun and different workout.

  • Anonymous (2017)

I have been in the Beginner Pole Series for 3 weeks, and I love that it is fun. I feel sore in muscles I never work out in my normal cardio workout routine. My instructor, Molly, is great and always willing to help with moves I may not catch onto right away. Everyone should check them out!

  • Brittany P, Palatine

So, I've only taken an Intro and my first class of Beginner Pole and I'm OBSSESED!!! Nesli has the best energy and gives off the best vibes (she may be my new favorite person) thank you for so much fun! 

  • Caty S, Palatine

It's been about a year since I started pole, and I've met the most incredible people. They have done nothing but be supportive, kind, and accepting of me. And not only have I become physically stronger, it's also been so empowering. I'm so glad I found Flight Fitness Studio and started this journey last year!

  • Rebecca R, Highland Park

Molly did a great job with the class. I especially enjoyed the one where we learned how to get down and up from the ground and did things on the floor.

  • Alison M, North Shore

Our instructor, Michelle, was amazing. I signed up for the 8-Week Series I was so impressed. A lot of fun.

  • Love-Asia V, Great Lakes

Intro to Pole was so much fun! I'm hooked!

  • Anonymous (2017)

Small groups, clean studio, nice and talented instructor. Was patient and made me feel comfortable. I'm excited to take their Aerial Series! Is it cheap? No, but their prices are competitive to this area. Take a class and see why.

  • Rebecca, Schaumburg

It is refreshing to see that good customer service still exists. This is something rare nowadays. Keep up the good work. I will definitely keep you guys in mind for future classes. 

  • Tiffany

Good stretching, I like how the instructor guided me through postures in Flexibility class.

  • Anonymous (2017)

Molly is awesome! I had so much fun. I'm exhausted and everywhere hurts. Completely worth it.

  • Loni M, Brookfield

Class is great. Molly is an excellent instructor, and I'm really happy to be back in classes.

  • Sara D, Deerfield

Intro to Pole was a great workout with some twist. At the end we did a dance performance. Thank you very much, Michelle, for assisting with the schedule.

  • Anonymous (2017)

Flight is a beautiful space that offers excellent pole services in the suburbs. It is always clean, and the instructors are solid teachers who care about safety and enjoying your time in class.

  • Mary A, Chicago

Amazing! The environment was clean. I felt welcome and comfortable. I had no idea what I was doing, and the instructor took her time to explain and go over everything. What a great workout! I will be back 100%.

  • Renee, McHenry

I really enjoyed your class, and you are a professional! I really like how you teach, and the way you present yourself is so good!

  • Nancy O, Rolling Meadows

Intro to Pole was awesome! I want to do it again.

  • Anonymous (2017)

I always have such a great time at my pole classes regardless of who is teaching. I'm always initially disappointed when we have a substitute coach or I have to do a makeup class, but the other coaches are always equally great at explaining things and making me feel welcome. Even though I'm really shy/awkward, I always feel right at home, which is so important in classes where you're learning new things. Each coach has such a unique style, but they are all so encouraging and welcoming, which is what makes Flight Fitness Studio feel like home!!!

  • Sally S, Arlington Heights

I adore Flight and the instructors. I always end up sore as hell in all the best ways, and the next week after that I'm a little stronger and braver. Be warned; you'll become addicted and never want to leave. If you want to be a part of a group of people who are so warm and welcoming that they make you feel like you're in their family, I highly recommend joining Flight Fitness Studio.

  • Amanda, Hoffman Estates

Loved Intro to Pole! Looking forward to signing up for more.

  • Anonymus (2017)

I have such a WONDERFUL time in class! I absolutely adore Molly. She is an amazing person and instructor. Flight is such a fun place to learn and grow in all varieties of Pole and Aerial apparatuses!

  • Sara J, Arlington Heights

I started taking pole classes about two months ago, and I've really been enjoying them. I don't have a background in dance at all, but really love yoga and wanted to do something that was more challenging and engaging. I really like Michelle's teaching style. She combines elements of dance choreography with physical fitness. It's the perfect balance for me. Classes are once a week and 90 minutes long. I feel like I'm not only becoming more graceful as a dancer but stronger in my upper body and abs. Pole classes are empowering. I feel more confident in myself during class. I appreciate that Michelle encourages us to embrace ourselves as we are and push ourselves to our physical limits. I've learned some really incredible pole moves and have registered for a third month of classes.

  • Sara N, Arlington Heights


Loved the Intro to Pole class! We had so much fun. I will be taking classes in the future!

  • Suzanne S, Arlington Heights

Nice instructor and fun Intro to Pole class! Something different to try.

  • Anonymous (July 2018)


So much fun, really made me feel sexy and in control of my own sensuality. Will definitely come back.

  • Corin G, Mundelein

The teacher is really nice, and the Intro to Pole class is both fun and informative. Opening a new world for me.

  • Anonymous (Dec 2018)

The instructor was great, and the Intro to Pole class was fun!

  • Shawna B, Hawthorn Woods

Great atmosphere, friendly staff. Awesome workout.

  • Elena H, Lake Zurich

Great Intro to Lyra class. Can't wait to go back!

  • Anonymous (Jan 2019)

The instructor was very attentive to me and my body at Intro to Aerial Silks. Amazing.

  • Anonymous (Feb 2019)

Great instructor for Intro to Pole for beginners! Very informative and explains everything perfectly to make it as easy and fun as possible!

  • Anonymous (Feb 2019)

Michelle was great!!! Very fun Intro to Pole class. Highly recommend!

  • Anonymous (Feb 2019)

Lollipop is a super fun workout! Feeling extremely sore today, and it feels wonderful to know that I worked so many different muscle groups. Will definitely try again!

  • Kelly C, Schaumburg

I learned a lot in Intro to Lyra; it was a lot of fun!

  • Yessenia T, Wheeling


I'm really happy with the Aerial Silks class so far. Thank you so much, and tell Sally she's wonderful! I really enjoy her class.

  • Michelle G, Rolling Meadows


Amazing experience!!!

  • Olha A, Buffalo Grove

I so appreciate the individualized instruction and instructor attentiveness in all of your classes and the warm up styles and focus on pointed toes and all the little details necessary for making a polished performance, as well as breaking down each trick into various modifications. You and the rest of your teachers make a point to make sure the body is safe and in the proper position for every trick and each trick or spin is leveled to maintain this. You run a superior studio!

  • Alyssa N, Evanston


I absolutely love Flight! It’s my favorite studio in all of Chicagoland.

  • Amanda G, Elmhurst

Great costumer service. I'm a newbie dedicated to learn something new, and I find Michelle very accommodating already over the phone.

  • Jennah K, Huntley

Flexibility class was great! I’ll be signing up for the 6 week course. Molly is a fantastic instructor!

  • Alana K, Palatine

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