Fitness Classes

Want to try a single class? You're in luck! All of our Fitness Classes are available as single classes (or in a Series to save money). No committment necessary. Please see each class below for specifics. Check our Schedule to see when they are offered.

Single class or 8-week series
60 minutes
$11-20 student / $20-25 non-student

All types of stretching related to Pole and Aerial training are incorporated such as neck, shoulder, back, hips, legs, etc. This class is more intense than the flexibility stretching introduced into each of your Series classes and will improve your range of motion quicker to better you at your discipline. Props are used in most classes. All flexibility levels (from beginners to contortionists) are welcome and class is run as multi-level.

Conditioning Circuit
Single class
60 minutes
$15 student / $20 non-student

Think of your traditional gym exercises in a non-gym environment, no crowds, no waiting. Each class will use different equipment such as suspension straps, medicine balls, free weights, kettlebells, physio balls, balance ball, battle ropes, etc. All fitness levels welcome as personal accommodations will be made as needed. Also great for pole dancers or aerialists for extra conditioning as well as the average individual who prefers a guided workout rather than self exercise at a gym. No experience necessary.

Shoulder Clinic
Single class
60 minutes
$15 student / $20 non-student
Booty Werk
Single class
45 minutes
$12 student / $15 non-student

Using specially designed resistance bands, work your booty into shape. There are five levels of resistance to shape your gluteus maximus, medius, and minius, and each muscle requires specific targeting. Get ready for a series of 3 exercies each with 15-36 reps repeated 3 times. Class begins with a warm up and ends with light stretching. Also great for pole dancers who normally don't get a lower body workout. Leggings/pants recommended.

If you are an aerialist or pole dancer/athlete/artist, you probably have experienced some sort of shoulder discomfort. This 60-minute clinic will walk you through exercises to keep your shoulders strong and prevent injuries.

Power Yoga
Single class
60 minutes

Power yoga is a one hour vinyasa class designed to teach you the fundamentals of yoga by flowing breath to movement. This series of postures works to increase flexibility, build strength, focus the mind, and reduce stress. Power yoga is great for all levels looking for a holistic workout that caters to the mind, body, and spirit.

Beginner Yoga

Never taken yoga before? Just started yoga but still learning the basic poses and posture? Experienced yogi looking to relax and stretch it out? This is the class for you! We will focus on basic breath work, beginner's poses, balance, strength, and flexibility. Come to stretch, relax, and release your stress with yoga!

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