Our Instructors


Each of our seasoned Pole class instructors has been certified by a program that is sanctioned by the Pole Fitness Association (PFA), approved by the Pole Dance Community (PDC), and recognized by both the American Council on Exercise (ACE) and the Aerobics & Fitness Association of American (AFAA). In addition, all of our instructors are First Aid / CPR certified.

PDC Pole Dance Community Approved Instructor
PFA Pole Fitness Alliance Registered Pole Fitness Instructor
Michelle Heller

Michelle has been pole dancing since 2012. She is a Certified Discoveries Dance Pole Instructor, PDC Approved 3 Star Instructor, PFA Registered Pole Fitness Instructor, National Council on Strength and Fitness Member, and a founding member of Men's Health Fitness Council. She is also an Ambassador for Pole Sport Organization (PSO), Black Eccentrics Poledorant (use code FLIGHT), Figure Slim (use code FLIGHT35), and former Ambassador for United Pole Artists (UPA). Michelle focuses her teaching on the more technical side with high consideration for safety but also loves the art of free dance feeling the music as she moves. Her B.A. is in Education, and although she has a passion for teaching others rather than competing and performing herself, Michelle has competed with PSO as well as performed with Viva La Pole Show in Chicago and regularly performs for Conquer/Lake County Boxing. She has also performed at local venues such as Austin's Fuel Room (Libertyville), 210 Live (Highwood), and Blarney Island (Antioch) and judged competitions in IL, MI, and CA.

Mahja S


Mahja has been pole dancing since 2010. She has two Master’s Degrees and works in the Healthcare field. After a stressful day, she enjoys dancing and yoga to relax her. Mahja is a Pole Moves Certified Pole Fitness Instructor (PFA & PDC approved) and believes that pole dancing is a confidence booster that allows women to learn more about themselves. She also believes the art of pole dance is all about being strong and sensual, traits that harbor inside every woman. Mahja continues to train and educate herself on pole dancing and enjoys spreading the joy of pole!

Lorie B

Lorie has been taking classes at Flight Fitness Studio ever since the studio's Grand Opening in 2014. She was hooked from day one. Since then she has taken almost every class such as Pole Dance and Fitness, Pole Strength, Pole Flow, Aerial Hoop (Lyra), Aerial Silks, and now her new passion that melts two of her favorites into one… Pole Silks! When she’s not at work making puppies cute and fancy for their owners, she can be found here at the studio working on one crazy thing or another or helping her pole sisters with something. Her goal is to share her love of all pole and aerial fitness and it's benefits with all of her students.

Sandy Z.jpg
Sandy Z

Sandy is a jack-of-all-trades type. She has a BFA in Digital Photography, runs her own photography business, and has previously worked in radio, sales, hospitality and childcare. She is no stranger to dance and fitness training as she took dance classes as a young girl and has been hula hoop dancing for the last 10 years. All the while, she's been obsessing over dance videos on YouTube and working on her overall health and fitness. Her first class at Flight Fitness Studio was Aerial Hoop (Lyra), but she decided to try Pole and fell in love. Pole and Aerial Arts have provided an outlet for her to practice dance, challenge herself, stay healthy, and make friends. She loves the journey of dance and fitness and hopes to be able to share some of that passion with you!

Hannah Gottschalk Flight Fitness Studio instructor aerial silks.jpg
Hannah G

Hannah began practicing Aerial Arts over ten years ago and has been coaching since 2013. She has taught at various places in Chicago, Southern California, and El Paso and has performed for years in Chicago. Sharing her knowledge and love of Aerial Silks to both adults and children alike is her passion!

Kayla Pai pole dance instructor.jpeg
Kayla P

Kayla started her Pole Dance journey in 2017. She loves how it gives her confidence and has made her hone in on her femininity. When not pole dancing, Kayla is a full time hairstylist and has been making people feel beautiful for the past 10 years. She greatly enjoys giving people the mental and physical confidence they deserve and hopes to give the same positive impact through pole dancing to others as it has given her.

Gosia Markiewicz Flight Fitness Studio instructor pole dance fitness.jpg
Gosia M

With no previous dance experience, Gosia took a chance and went to her first pole class in 2018. Like other pole dancers, Gosia fell in love instantly and has been dancing ever since. Through her journey, she discovered Pole Dancing is more than just tricks and moves, but a way to express yourself through movement without a fear of judgement or ridicule. Pole dancing and the Pole community have had such a positive impact on Gosia’s life, that she hopes to guide her students on their own path to be more confident and stronger and celebrate their uniqueness.

Erin Hedrington Flight Fitness Studio instructor pole dance fitness.jpg
Erin H

Erin took her first Pole class in 2011 and fell in love with the strength, grace, and sensuality of pole dance. She took a few breaks while establishing a career in technology but always gravitated back to dance. Now she is an avid dancer and has partaken in heels dance, latin dance, chair dance, Aerial Silks, and primarily, Pole Dance. At 6' tall, she believes that Pole Dance is for everyBODY and is excited to help others develop confidence and tap into their inner pole goddesses!

Melissa Capaul Flight Fitness Studio instructor pole dance fitness.jpg
Melissa C

Melissa has been a 'Pole-r in Progress' for the past 5 years! What started as a “sure why not try it with a friend” turned into a passion. Pole has been the place to build herself and breakdown many personal barriers. Melissa is passionate about sharing the strength and confidence Pole provides. She believes Pole is full of possibilities, progress, and positivity. If you’re looking for results, be prepared to sweat! Melissa utilizes her dance background in ballet, jazz, and tap to jump your heart rate, test your endurance, and teach grace for those slow flow moments. No matter what your goal is, Melissa will take the time to listen to help you to achieve your goals. She’s always down for a Pole Party and is your very own Pole cheerleader on a daily!