What precautionary measures are you taking regarding COVID-19?

We are now fully open for in-person classes! Please view more details on COVID-19 precautionary measures by clicking here as you will be responsible for staying up to date on what you need to do/bring to class and what is expected of you when you are in the studio. We will continue to hold VIRTUAL CLASSES (online streaming classes) for the foreseeable future. These may be separate classes not listed on our typical schedule and/or these may be your favorite in-studio classes that you are welcome to log in to from home. Contact us to see which in-studio classes are also offered virtually. Be sure to join our Facebook group where we list the schedule of our virtual classes and other information (you do not need a Facebook account to view the page information).

What should I wear/bring to class? Anything I shouldn't do prior to class?

POLE  - For beginners, any type of workout gear is appropriate. Feel free to wear yoga pants, leggings, shorts, etc. with a tank or tee. As you progress, you may be asked to bring shorts. Classes are taught in socks/dance shoes or you may choose to wear heels to pole classes. Any shoes worn in class must be strictly indoor shoes and not your street shoes. Please refrain from wearing any lotion or body oils before class. You will also be required to remove any hand or wrist jewelry at minimum or cover any rings with tape/Band-Aid if not removeable. For private parties/celebrations, you may choose to spice it up a little sexier and wear anything that makes you feel amazing for your special day!


AERIAL YOGA, AERIAL HAMMOCK, AERIAL SLING, AERIAL FIT, AERIAL SILKS, AERIAL CONDITIONING, YOUTH AERIAL ARTS - It's best to wear form-fitting clothing that covers your underarms and knees (for example, a fitted t-shirt and leggings). A top with sleeves that cover your underarms is required. Avoid loose clothing that may fall out of place when moving around or in inversions. Please refrain from wearing clothing with zippers, buttons, dangling straps, or anything else that may snag the fabric. We also ask that nails be trimmed and/or smooth to the touch. All jewlery is prohibited (incl. earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, watches, Fitbits, anklets, toe rings, and any other face or body piercing). If not removabale, it must be covered with tape/Band-Aid. Please refrain from applying any hand lotion, oils, and perfume prior to class.

LYRA and LOLLIPOP (PLYRA) - Wear comfy but form fitting clothing. Both shorts or leggings are appropriate, however, beginners will prefer leggings for comfort on the Lyra. Our Lollipop is powder-coated (not taped like the Lyras), so skin contact on arms and legs is preferred by most. "Grippy" leggings are also an option and available for sale at the studio. Please refrain from wearing any lotion or body oils before class. You will also be required to remove any hand or wrist jewelry at minimum or cover any rings with tape/Band-Aid if not removeable.

POLE SILKS - A top with sleeves to protect your underarms is required. Shorts, capris, or leggings are all appropriate although shorts are recommended, so you can still grip the pole with your legs. All jewlery is prohibited (incl. earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, watches, Fitbits, anklets, toe rings, and any other face or body piercing). If not removabale, it must be covered with tape/Band-Aid). Please refrain from wearing any lotion, body oils, and perfume before class.

FLEXIBILITY - As we are temporarily no longer sharing props in classes, please bring the following (or creative alternatives) to class: yoga blocks (or books/boxes to support your weight), yoga strap (or belt, robe tie, neck tie, etc.), yoga band (or stretchy leggings), yoga loop (or tie your stretchy leggings into a loop), and sliders (or paper plates, fuzzy socks, etc.). Although not required for class, most are also for sale at the studio.

ALL CLASSES - All classes are taught in socks/dance shoes (or indoor only footwear) as street shoes are not allowed on the studio floor. Think ankle socks, thigh high socks, ballet slippers, modern dance shoes, etc. If you require supportive gym shoes, please be sure your shoes are indoor shoes only and not street shoes that have been worn outdoors to keep our floors clean as we teach floorwork classes. As we are temporarily no longer supplying some personal equipment, read more about what else to bring by clicking here. It is also best to bring a bottle of water for hydration.

Do I need to be physically fit already, and are there age restrictions?

Any level of physical ability is welcome to join classes. All classes begin with a warm-up, and you proceed at your own level. You must be 18 years of age or older to participate in most of our Pole Classes. If you are under the age of 18, please inquire here. With parent/legal guardian written approval, there are exceptions for some or most Aerial ClassesSpecialty Classes, and Fitness Classes, and we also offer a weekly Youth Aerial Arts course. We offer Parties and Private Lessons with parent/legal guardian consent for those under 18.

How do I sign up and pay?


You can register online through our SIGN UP page. You do not need to create an account, and we offer many payment options...Venmo (Flight Fitness Studio in the "Business" section), QuickPay/Zelle (info@flightfitnessstudio.com), Google PayPayPal (flightfitnessstudio@gmail.com), card, and cash. For discounted rates and special pricing, you have the option of clicking here OR receiving a store credit for the difference. Signing up at the studio is another option as we accept cash and card in person. To ensure your class or session runs, it is best to preregister/pay online as there is a student minimum. Classes with below minimum enrollment may be cancelled, and you will only be notified if you preregistered. Classes might also be sold out if you arrive without preregistering/paying, so please try to register online before arriving.

What is your refund/credit policy?

All sales are final whether you intended to make the purchase or not, however, if we cancel your class, you have options:

  • If you paid by card, PayPal (on our website, guest checkout, or item/service), or any other method that charges merchant fees, you will receive a STORE CREDIT for the full amount OR refunded to the original method of payment MINUS FEES ($1.50 for an single class or $7.50 for a Series of classes).

  • If you paid by cash, Venmo, QuickPay/Zelle, no-fee PayPal friend/family, or any other approved method that DOES NOT CHARGE merchant fees, you are eligible for a full refund to the original method of payment.

Fee-less app usernames: Venmo (Flight Fitness Studio), QuickPay/Zelle (info@flightfitnessstudio.com), Google PayPayPal friends/family (flightfitnessstudio@gmail.com). If you prefer to check the status of your class before registering or have any other questions regarding these policies, you may call or email us.

Are your classes women only?

Most of our Pole classes are currently female only, but we do offer co-ed Pole classes. The the rest of our classes are co-ed. Feel free to contact us with specific questions. If you are a male and interested in a Pole class not currently listed as co-ed, please contact us for availability and options.

Do you offer other classes besides Pole Dance & Fitness?

Since opening in 2014, we have expanded our class offerings from solely Pole Classes to include Aerial Classes, Specialy Classes, and Fitness Classes.

  • Aerial Classes - Aerial Hoop (Lyra), Aerial Silks, Aerial Yoga, Aerial Hammock, Aerial Sling, Aerial Conditioning, Youth Aerial Arts

  • Specialty Classes - Lollipop (Plyra), Chair Dance, Pole Silks / FabPole, Hula Hoop

  • Fitness Classes - Flexibility, Booty Werk, Conditioning Circuit, Shoulder Clinic, Yoga

We are always looking for new suggestions, so if you are interested in something we currently don't have, please let us know and contact us.

I'm interested in your Hula Hoop classes. Do I need my own hoop?


We have a multitude of colors, sizes, and styles of hoops at our studio, but you are free to bring your own. We also have custom hoops for sale.

What should I bring to class? Do I need a yoga mat?

Due to the current state of affairs, you are now required to bring your own accessories to class. Click here for more info.

What is your makeup policy for missed classes?


Makeup classes for our Pole and Aerial Series classes are allotted based on advanced notification of tardiness and cancellations. Only certain single classes/sessions allow for makeups. Refunds will not be given as all sales are final. Please inquire within the studio for full written details.

I would like to come in with a group of friends to try Pole Dancing. Should we schedule an Intro to Pole class or a Private Party?

If you are coming with a group of five or more, we recommend booking a Private Party. You will have the whole studio to yourself for you and your friends, and you may invite whoever you want. Since it is not a public class, there will be no strangers present, just you, your friends, and your instructor.

Our Intro to Pole classes are to give you an idea of what our 8-Week Pole Series is like as in a try-before-you-buy. These classes have a limit of 4-6 people. There is a fitness aspect to this class, and you will be working on conditioning exercises in addition to dancing. If you are interested in the technical side of pole tricks, then the class is for you.

Private Parties are more focused on the dance and social aspect of Pole and do not have exercise as the main component. With a Private Party, it is tailored to your group instead of following the more strict lesson plan of an Intro to Pole class. You can even choose your own music at your private event and have many more people than at a public class.

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